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    mak·er [ máykər ]
    1. One that makes or manufactures
    2. Producer of Goods
    3. Creator or Cause


    Collaborative Learning Adventures
    Immersive Tactile Experiences
  • Tinkersmiths Makerspace
    ElectroFunk Workshops

    Explore Arduino - RaspberryPi - Electronics.

    Collaborate on new learning experiences.

  • Tinkersmiths Makerspace
    3D Printing Workshops

    We design and make machines.
    We share knowledge with the community.
    We can be hired commercially to help your enterprise which in turn supports the makerspace.
  • Tinkersmiths Makerspace Woodworking Workshops

    Check out the latest workshops on our calendar.
    Where out old clothes and make new friends.
    Equipment and tools in-house.
  • Tinkersmiths Makerspace Prototyping Services

    We can assist you in the design of your product idea and guide you towards market distribution.
  • Tinkersmiths Makerspace CAD / CAM Workshops

    We are proficient at a variety of design and manufacturing software packages.
    In-house CNC production is available.
  • Tinkersmiths Makerspace Shop Workshops

    We gather in the shop three times a week to share in the experience of collaborative fabrication.
    Join Us!
  • Tinkersmiths Makerspace

    522 Second Street SE
    Suite B - IX Art Park

    Charlottesville, VA 22902

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Making, Digital Fabrication and Prototyping Services

Taking a break on the workshops and tool access for a bit. Still offering professional services such general making, digital fabrication, product prototyping, product production and co-fabrication through pevlabs.com. Many of the product developed though the Makerspace experience are beginning to emerge at Notsucky.com