Making, Digital Fabrication and Prototyping Services

Taking a break on the workshops and tool access for a bit. Still offering professional services such general making, digital fabrication, product prototyping, product production and co-fabrication through Many of the product developed though the Makerspace experience are beginning to emerge at


1. Tinkersmiths is a membership-based makerspace. Our members enjoy a unique, open, creative, and supportive environment where they can learn new skills, investigate new ideas, prototype new products, and explore science and technology. All ages and walks of life are welcome. Just sign up before each event, and arrive with your creative hat on plus a burning desire to learn new things!

2. Tinkersmiths is also a for-profit corporation. The business exists to serve clients through our unique, cross-disciplinary offerings of ideas, skills, and services. Because we our a diverse group of makers with a vast array of competencies, we prove innovative strategies and technological solutions that folks are not able to find in any one traditional business.

3. Tinkersmiths is a launchpad for our member’s cottage industries and startups. From hardware audio synthesizers, to wireless communications, to unique works of art, Tinkersmiths is the coolest place on the east coast for you to build and grow your tech-centered venture!


1. To encourage people to explore new ideas, concepts, and implements that will empower them in their future.

2. To serve as the most innovative and kick-ass grassroots makerspace, think tank, idea farm, prototyping facility, talent agency, and “services for hire” organization in the U.S.

3. To help people to develop their dreams regardless of how awesome, insane, and/or over-the-top they may be.


We see Tinkersmiths as a commercially oriented hub for Makers: thinkers, engineers, tinkerers, creatives, coders, and artists. Within these sometimes sawdust-filled and noisy walls, we embrace and encourage an atmosphere and culture that shares knowledge, tools, and resources. We have seen this vision organically grown through our members, and we are running with it! What else would you expect from a city that was voted “The Happiest City in America”, and one of the fastest growing tech centers in the U.S.?

Look for more from us in regards to hands-on educational classes, workshops, and open table events that you’ve experienced in the past. Arduino, Raspberry Pi, hobby robotics, model rockets, EL wire projects, wearable tech are just some of them. We also plan to offer training for wood and metal working, large scale DIY robotics, and more!

From Tinkersmiths' originator and Junior Spaceship Mechanic, Brian Williford:
"Every participating member of Tinkersmiths is considered a founder in spirit. Come hang out with us, share your experiences, learn cool things, and make something awesome!"