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Taking a break on the workshops and tool access for a bit. Still offering professional services such general making, digital fabrication, product prototyping, product production and co-fabrication through Many of the product developed though the Makerspace experience are beginning to emerge at

Opportunity Resides In All Of Us

In addition to Tinkersmiths being a commercially based Makerspace, we take professional product acceleration seriously. We are not a direct funding facility but we do have several decades of experience building startups, products and companies. From time to time we have raised seed capital for ourselves and our clients. We are extremely proficient at converting and idea into a tangle product for an insanely small amount of money.

Our In-house design, engineering and rapid prototyping equipment will facilitate a fast streamlined timeframe to market. We appreciate not everyone is comfortable wrestling advancements in technology, so our army of super geeks can handle this for you. Wether you are a non-business individual with a potential idea or a company with a large product portfolio, Tinkersmiths design to production services allows collaboration at any level needed. Tinkersmiths Makerspace has close to 700 members. This is an impressive bevy of talent for such a small city. Competencies in areas such as business development, startup creation, many types of engineering, programming and product creation. 

Your stakeholders will benefit from our comprehensive list of skill offerings. Critical-path tasks are substantially accelerated for rapid time to market when so much can be done in a single facility. Unlike traditional product accelerators we never ask for any portion of ownership. Your completely retain all intellectual property rights. Our mission is make things happen and make it fun. 

The Rise of Open Source Hardware

In the really 80's hardware was declared dead while software became the darling of the tech investment sector. Though Silicon Vally would never agree with us some see the pendulum swinging back towards hardware. In ten years almost all software will be written by a system running AI. Many of these million of programmers careers could be in jeopardy. While manufacturing robots have been and will continue to take over many production tasks there is still a strong need for human product innovation. The world still needs a lot of discoveries. Better ways to get us places, ways to get us further like other planets, ways to make our lives at less risk. 

Such as the Open Source Software moment became the bedrock of applications, apps and the rest of the binary infrastructure, Open Source Hardware is doing the same for product development. Many of the current day 3D printers are based of an open source design. Many use an open source micro-controller called Arduino. Many use open source extruders and this list goes on. With all the available, well designed and tested physical building blocks at our disposal there is no longer a need to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to demonstrate a concept. 

Be a doer.

Product Accelerator of Charlottesville, Va
Product Accelerator / Rapid Prototyping / Research and Development / Tinkering

Product Accelerator Charlottesville, Va
Empowering Entrepreneurs / Product Roadmap / Distribution

Tinkersmiths is enabling entrepreneurs or product developers with mentorship and technology skills.

We have resources and tools to support your inspiration. If you are a thinker take advantage of collaboration workshops full of talented people along with the resources they bring.

Product Accelerator Charlottesville, Va
Charlottesville Product Accelerator

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