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Taking a break on the workshops and tool access for a bit. Still offering professional services such general making, digital fabrication, product prototyping, product production and co-fabrication through Many of the product developed though the Makerspace experience are beginning to emerge at

Tinkersmiths Makerspace is looking for a co-sponsor for an exciting new project. Make your business visible at IX Art Park events as a supporter of community creation and education in product design, electrical and mechanical engineering, programming, milling, welding, and other maker skills.

User Interactive 3D Printer Farm - Internet of Things

We're building a rolling rack of nine 3D Printers. People can control each printer from a computer or smartphone. Even better, each printer will be constantly monitored by a small camera. Once a user starts a job, they and their friends can watch it print from their homes, and interested people can watch what other community members are printing at any time.

Local and Open Technology

Each of the 9 printers will be built according to a plan developed by makers here at Tinkersmiths. We'll use the open-source OctoPrint interface to control the printers. We'll also monitor the printers with OctoPrint- and Raspberry Pi Zero-powered cameras.

Value Proposition - Visible Philanthropy

As a sponsor, your business's name and logo will be attached to the side of the Printer Farm in CNC-machined aluminum. Every day, passersby will see your branding through Tinkersmiths's glass garage doors.

We will also showcase the Printer Farm -- and your generosity -- during IX Art Park events. We'll roll out the rack and talk to attendees of IX's increasingly-popular events, helping them select fun 3D models to print. When they go home, they'll watch their model print, and share the feed with their friends, who will see your branding and logo on the OctoPrint streaming site.


  • IX Art Park events
  • Increasingly popular event venue
  • Aluminum machined sponsor name on the side of the rack
  • Sponsor name and logo featured prominently on controller and monitor webapp, on the wall in Makerspace entrance room


Sponsored 3D Print Farm Project
3D Print Farm by Building Printer Racks with 9 Machines Per Rack. Sponsor 3D Printer Farm Rack or Many for Charlottesville Makers.


Costing Outline (Approximated) $7,500

  • 120 feet of 1.5" Metal stock for rack = $200.00
  • 16 sq/ft of 1/4" aluminum plate for logos = $180.00
  • (4) Wheels @ $20/unit = $80.00
  • (9) RaspberryPi Zero with Camera @ $40/unit = $360.00
  • (9) Parts 3D Printer sourced component packages = @ $500/unit = $4,500.00
  • Mechanical and electrical supplies such as bolts, wires, screws, solder, etc = $150.00
  • 10% labor value. 200 man hours worth $20K distributed to participants = $2,000.00*


* Labor Explanation

This model might better be understood though a phone call. The short version is that it has always been a lofty goal of Tinkersmiths Makerspace to compensate financially members that offer extraordinary personal and professional contributions. Currently we are the only free Makerspace in the United States that offers access to industrial grade manufacturing equipment. Consider for a moment what value a well equipped exercise gym could offer a community by providing the use of its facilities at no charge to those who otherwise may not be able to afford it. Now this concept a step further and imagine how physically healthy a community could become if the gym paid its members to come in and exercise. We do this with information, knowledge, skills, equipment, and experience. With your help, Tinkersmiths can offer a vast contribution toward making your community a smarter and more productive one. Yes, many will tell you that a Makerspace is a warehouse full of nerds that would show up and do this anyway. There may be some truth to that, but there are non-nerds that could reap the benefits of such a system. People busy with work, kids, life and so on would be more inclined to participate in exploring new skill shaping experiences if they could justify it to their family by coming home with fifty dollars for spending a couple of hours helping on a project.

Brian Williford can sum up 30 years of business experience in three words: "Instantiate, Negotiate, Repeat". We are instantiating by reaching out with these sponsored project ideas. We have dozens of them in the queue. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to co-negotiate a value proposition exchange that offers good will brand extension for your company while helping the local maker community. We have already accepted our mission of repeating this process indefinitely.

Contact Brian Williford This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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